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Image by Peter Fischer from Pixabay

The Children of the Gods Podcast


This is a highly-imaginative and well-crafted podcast about the inhabitants of the earth fighting for their survival during the second of two invasions by an alien race, the Tarthet.

The Tarthet first attack in the early twenty-first century. They are defeated, but just barely. As a consequence of the war, the earth is nearly thrown back into the stone age. Soon after the war, the governments of the earth unite to form one world government called the Global Consortium.

Within twenty years of the war, a physicist named William Cadsberge invents cold fusion, which provides the power for mankind to rebuild, and even thrive. That is, until 2094, when the entire world's supply of fissionable material, stored in a single location on the earth, goes supercritical. The explosion kills millions, and the radioactive fallout drives all survivors from the earth. The Earth is now uninhabitable.

Initially, the survivors move to a giant space station called the Gateway Station. When the first people venture back to the earth 150 years later, they find it inhospitable with a completely different ecosystem composed of little more than lichens, rodents, and roaches on land and slime algae filling the oceans.

Most people choose to build and live in colonies on the Moon and Mars, rather than return to the earth. Sometime afterwards, the moon and Mars begin a war over water. The moon secedes from the Global Consortium.

Ten years after the Water War, a software engineer named Rigel Gontales writes the first true artificial intelligence program. This A.I. program is instrumental in the development of a new star drive, the Quantum Acceleration Drive. Using this new drive, a ship filled with colonists leave for Alpha Centauri, but twelves years later, their locater beacon goes off line. No one knows what happened to the colonists.

Another ship is constructed, but before it can launch, it detects a second invading force of the Tarthet near the orbit of Neptune. Mankind has twelve years to ready themselves to meet the Tarthet. After years of construction, a fleet of 400 battleships engage the Tarthet near Jupiter's orbit.

The entire first episode of the story is told from the narrator's point of view, a pilot in the Unified Defense Force named Kevin Corval in the year 2522, the year of the battle with the second invading Tarthet force. Various actors come in afterwards to play other characters. Well-implemented sound effects are included for atmosphere. If you are a science fiction fan, especially if you are a military science fiction fan, you should really like this podcast, which you can download for free here. Enjoy.



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