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An Introverted Nerd's View of "Normies" and their Culture


This is the beginning of my rant about how the average Joe Smoe Normie seems to be interested in nothing more than watching football from his Cheetos-stained sofa while swilling beer. I have nothing against football and beer, but there is more to life. My perspective of life is from the point of view of an introverted nerd--an INTJ to be more precise. If you don't know what an INTJ is, then most likely, you are a member of the normie class to which I refer.

My main complaint against the average person is that they aren't particularly interested in anything more than getting their roofs fixed, their lawns mowed, what TV show they will watch tonight, and the length of the commute from work. A full life contains more than these things. A full life should be an exploration. We should never stop learning, especially about those things and people that interest us. Yes, I am aware that attempting to assign a moral scale to other people's interests and life choices is fraught with peril. No objective method exists for defining what a good life is and what a bad life is. All we know is what we like and what we dislike. So, I will tell you what I, an introverted nerd, like and dislike. By the way, the fact that the average person has not spent much (or perhaps any) time thinking about the subjectivity of morals is one source of my frustration.

I like understanding why I'm doing what I'm doing, making conscious decisions about the activities that occupy my time, and performing those activities up to my fullest capabilities. For example, I recently quit a job, because my boss insisted on micromanaging me to such an extent that I could not do my job nearly as well as I was capable. I doubt most normies care about that, because the longer it takes them to do something, the more they get paid for doing it. I don't think this way. To me a job should be both a learning experience and a way of contributing to society. When was the last time a normie cared about a particular aspect of society in which he had no vested interest?

I would prefer to live in a world populated by Thomas Jeffersons, Benjamin Franklins, and Burt Ruttans. Instead, it seems that I live in a world populated by Donald Trumps, Howard Sterns, and Pewdie Pies. Instead of public discussions revolving around what freedom is and what it should mean to us, our public discussions revolve around how to keep "Nazies" off Facebook. Normies are apparently incapable of understanding that when one group does not have the freedom to speak their minds, no one does.

One of my biggest disappointments with normies is the way they use technology. Rather than exploring the wonderful resources we have on the internet, they have allowed themselves to become internet cattle corralled into Facebook. And, they barely learn enough about computers to do that. The idea of learning how to write a computer program to create a distributed social network seems completely foreign to them. They can't even understand why the later is better. Most likely, they've never bothered to learn that there are technological alternatives to those currently available in the world we live in. Normies don't care to understand why the capabilities of a PC running Linux are light years ahead of those of an iphone. The ways in which sophisticated internet masters employ the internet versus the ways normies are used by it is akin to the difference between discovering the meaning of life versus ordering a sandwich. Normies do not understand this, because they just do not care to.

I believe the world would be a much different and better place if everyone understood what was holding back our societies. But, as Albert Einstein said, problems cannot be solved from the same perspective that created them. So, as long as the average person continues to be too lazy or indifferent to learn anything, we will continue to live just as we do. We will continue engaging in infotainment that is designed to draw our minds away from important issues rather than focus on them. We will continue warehousing poor, uneducated people. We will continue getting cancer and dieing in our sixties and seventies. We will continue killing millions of our fellow human beings in wars orchestrated by power-greedy politicians and money-hungry bankers. We will continue suffering through economic crises. We will continue putting children-in-suits in high positions of power who are constitutionally incapable of understanding the effects of their bad decisions. We will continue working at jobs that contribute little or nothing to our societies. We will continue living boring lives punctuated by brief moments of fear.

Perhaps I should grow up, at least to the point where I no longer pine for things that will not occur in my lifetime, if ever, and learn to accept them instead.



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