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Stormy Sea

The Leviathan Chronicles Podcast


Macallan Orsel, a genetics researcher at Rockefeller University in New York City is pulled into something she doesn't understand by her gandmother's illness and her research assistant's murder. The story begins with a secret Chinese submarine mission to the Marianas Trench, a massive release of some unknown radiation, revelations of a secret research facility called Leviathan deep in the ocean run by Macallan's wealthy family, and someone who claims to be her great, great, great grandfather but doesn't look a day over forty.

Having just finished listening to Episode 3, this podcast seems to me to be a blend of science, murder, and mysterious family connections that could be the beginning of an action-filled super hero story. So far, I've found the Leviathan Chronicles to be an intriguing mystery. It's well-done and entertaining. You can download all 48 episodes for free here.



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