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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


I've been enjoying The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for two seasons now on Netflix. My girlfriend, Batgirl, won't watch it with me, because she refuses to watch anything that is even slightly scary or has to do with demons. Batgirl was traumatized a couple of years ago by the episode of Doctor Who with Satan in the pit. Sabrina is a bit scary, a bit funny, a bit too sentimental in places, and filled with all sorts of demons and monsters. There are also scenes that I guess would seem sexy to teenagers. At times there is blood. I just find it entertaining.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a coming-of-age story with Sabrina, who is half mortal and half witch having to make a choice between living as a mortal or living as a witch. There are a lot of religious overtones here about having to choose between good and evil, but as I said, I watch for the entertainment value. As time goes on, she gets more and more witchy. When she turns 16, she makes the decision to sign her name in the dark lord's book, which is, I guess, supposed to be the evil version of God's Book of Life. At this point she becomes officially a witch and her witchly powers strengthen. I won't ruin the rest of the plot for you by giving any more details, in case you haven't been watching. But, I will tell you my two favorite scenes.

The first scene is in the first episode of Season 1. Sabrina is watching a scary film in a local theater with her teenage friends from school. They're all shivering with fear, but she is laughing as she gulps down popcorn. I don't know why this scene is in the series, or why I like it so much, but I do.

The second scene occurs in Season 2, episode 6. This episode is entitled "The Missionaries". The scene opens after two "angles", who look and sound exactly like mormon missionaries, right down to their black badges and Utah accents, have tied up and are about to execute Sabrina's witch and warlock friends in a local church. The head angel is gleefully urging them to repeat some kind of prayer, so they can repent and be saved, after which they will be consumed by the "fire of righteousness". Three witches are tied to stakes on top of piles of kindling, waiting to be burned. Sabrina bursts into the church and loudly orders the angels to stop. The head angel shoots her with three arrows, the last of which directly pierces her heart, and she collapses, dead.

Two or three minutes later, the angle hears Sabrina's loud voice behind him. He turns to see her floating in the air, her arms outstretched, a crown of thorns on her head, arrows protruding from her torso. In a deep, commanding voice, she offers the angles a chance to live though the night by taking Lucifer Morningstar into their hearts and saying his prayer. When they refuse, her hands burst into flames and continue to burn as she gleefully shouts, "It's your one chance. Come on!" The way she says this really cracks me up every time I watch it. She has this way in some scenes of making you wonder if she's trying not to laugh at the outrageousness of her lines, yet without completely killing your ability to suspend your disbelief. You are able to laugh with her and continue enjoying the action. The angles are so terrified that they actually say the prayer--including the ending, "Praise Satan!". Then the head angle says, "You're not a witch. What are you?" Sabrina responds loudly and powerfully with, "I am the dark lord's sword!", and both angels burst into flames and are reduced to ashes in seconds. Then she commands her dead friends to arise, and they come back to life. Even though I'm embarrassed to admit it, this part actually gave me chills the first time I watched it.

I'm embarrassed to admit it, because this thing is so blatantly sacrilegious! I don't know why fundamentalists Christians who think Halloween is a satanic plot aren't protesting against this! Maybe there are so many other shows with satanic plotlines that they've just given up. This show is so sacrilegious, and yet it's so much fun!

Sabrina has been renewed for two more seasons. Season 3 should begin late this year.



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