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The Star Trek Outpost Podcast


Last week I found a fun, new (and free) podcast. It's called Star Trek Outpost. Giant Gnome Productions is the creator.

Although Star Trek Outpost starts off a little cheezy, it quickly gets better. The setting is similar to Star Trek Deep Space 9, a federation space station on the edge of human space. The podcast is fairly faithful to Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek universe, so diehard fans shouldn't be disappointed. However, more humor is mixed into the first eight episodes that I've listened to so far than you will find in Roddenberry's TV series.

This podcast series with more than 75 episodes begins when commander Torkelson is given a career deadening reassignment away from his duties aboard a federation star ship to the back-water Deep Space 3. It's a somewhat dilapidated and forgotten space station run by a captain who appears to be more concerned with advancing his career by being seen as a cost-cutting genius than with the results of his thriftiness on the safety and moral of his crew. Assigned to the station is the federation star ship Chimera, which has apparently been cobbled together from various parts salvaged from a mixture of human, klingon, romulan, and whatever other junk ships could be found--hence the name, Chimera. Torkelson is assigned to be the XO of the space station and captain of the Chimera.

Already, in the first eight episodes we've run into Ferengi, space pirates trying to locate a mysterious cargo, a space battle, a colorful engineer, a Jag federation officer investigating activities aboard the station, and the admiral who reassigned Torkelson in order to make him a babysitter for his incompetent nephew.

The next sixty-something episodes should keep me entertained for quite a while. I don't know how this series managed to get around Roddenberry's copyright, but I'm happy to listen.



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