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My Thoughts about Donald Trump


Donald Trump Before I talk about the orange man in the white house, I should tell you that I'm not very political. I stopped voting years ago when I realized that no matter who we vote for--republican or democrat--they all do the same thing after they get into office. They screw us like we're a bored housewife who's just tired of paying attention to it. Even if we were so inclined, there's nothing we can do about it, because voters are just dumber than our dumb politicians. If we were smart, we could change things, but we aren't. So, they are in control.

Now, about "The Donald". I think it's so hilarious that we have this circus clown in the highest office that we could find to put him in. I said we're dumb. He acts like a junior high school bully strutting around the school yard. Batgirl and I have had several conversations about Trump. They all go something like this ... "The man is a complete idiot, but I can't really complain about anything he's done in office." I wonder if that makes us idiots too?

I'm pretty sure that Trump is as shocked as anyone else that he won the election. He's sort of like Peter Sellers in Being There. Anyone who wants to get into office in this country doesn't say anything of any significance, because they all know that we're stupid enough to elect someone without knowing anything about him or what he intends to do in office. Maybe, that's why Trump was so open with his ideas during his campaign. He knew we already knew everything about him, so he thought, what's the point of trying to hide it? My guess is that he ran for president solely to force the politicians to talk about how they've been screwing us for decades. Well he certainly succeeded. I think he was as surprised as any of us that we were tired enough of being screwed by the usual political leaders to actually elect him.

Now that he's the latest republican team captain in the football game against the democrats, the Stage 3 people (See James Fowler's, Stages of Faith.) feel obligated to support him, no matter how ridiculously he behaves. Not a surprise at all. I just hope he isn't as stupid as he acts and manages to get through his first term without blowing us all up. So far, things look okay. Maybe he will break the trend we've seen in this country of each president since Reagan being worse than the one before. Fingers crossed.

What do you call people who intentionally blow other people up?   --TERRORISTS.

What do you call people who get really good at blowing other people up?  --POLITICIANS.



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