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I'm too Focused


When I'm working on something--anything--I tend to be focused only on that one thing. Everything else and everyone else gets excluded. While that can be good, it also has its downside.

One downside is that I am unable to think of anything I would rather do. When I'm working on a job, no matter how hard I try, I can't imagine any other job or career. Now that I'm focusing on building websites for fun, I can't image enjoying anything else. This is not good, because not everything I try works out well. I tend to let things go too far. And even when I try to imagine doing something else, I can't. I don't know whether this is a sign of a one-track mind or simply a lack of imagination. Maybe, it's a characteristic of INTJ's? I should resolve to have several interests "on the back burner" all the time. That way, when something doesn't work out, I can go right to something else.

This reminds me of a method I came up with years ago to improve my career satisfaction. It was similar to "keeping your options open". I decided in my career to have several positive options available at all times. That way, if one thing didn't work, I could go to my second or third choice. If the thing I most wanted to do didn't materialize, I could jump right into something else that I wanted to do, instead of settling for something happening by default that I didn't want. For example, I could be working on finding another job, and preparing to go back to school, and researching becoming a consultant. So, if my first choice, switching jobs, didn't happen, I had two other options that I would be happy with all ready to go to. The only trouble with this approach is that it took a lot of work--all the time. I guess that's why I haven't kept up with it the way I intended.

Still, this "keeping your options open" approach seems like a good plan, not just career-wise, but also with hobbies and interests. I think I need to start making more of an effort on this.



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