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I'm Tired of Associating with Toxic Organizations


Jesus Christ is reported to have said, "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath." He reminded his followers of this, because the leaders of the Jews had created "laws" in the name of God that were not for the benefit of the people who were required to follow them. It seems this is a trend followed by nearly all leaders when their organizations grow large enough to provide buffers between themselves and the people at the grass-roots levels. Some go so far as to call these organizations toxic. I'm tired of being associated with these organizations. I'm tired of seeing this in my employers, in my church, and in my government.

My latest reminder of this comes from Reddit. Reddit recently shadow-banned me. That means when I go to a subreddit where I have submitted an article, I see the article, but as far as I can tell, no one else does. The strange thing is that Reddit shadow-banned me after I had three really good days, Karma-wise. In each of the last three days in which I was active, the articles I submitted garnered over ten thousand points--over twenty-four thousand on the last day alone. And, they received these points legitimately. I did not try to game the system. After the ban, I contacted Reddit several times asking the reason for my banning, but I received no answer. This is despite the fact that Reddit's written policy is that they contact anyone they ban and explain the reason for the ban. So, why was I banned? Did I unknowingly do something wrong? Did Reddit for some reason not want me to be a successful contributor? I may never know.

Something I find unconscionable about some employers is their thinking that employees have no right to question them. For example, many large companies seem to think it's some kind of sin for an employee to say anything bad about the company, regardless of the truthfulness of the statement. If a particular company treats its employees badly, should it not expect those employees to warn other prospective employees that this is a bad place to work? Is this somehow an immoral thing to do? I think it's more likely that companies just want to punish truthful employees, so their labor costs can stay low, despite their poor treatment of that labor.

I recently worked indirectly for NASA, via a subcontractor. While I was there, I heard NASA bosses "remind" employees that, since they were receiving government paychecks, they had no "right" to criticize NASA or the government. I don't think that's true. I sincerely doubt that patriots like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin would have agreed.

The church of which I am a member is losing members in their twenties and thirties for, among other things, misrepresenting its history. Over the years, its response to people who publicly point out errors in it's official story has included several high-profile excommunications. And years later, when statements of excommunicates have been proven to be true, they have not been invited back. Perhaps none of them wanted to come back. Perhaps the truth isn't the issue. Perhaps church leaders just want loyal sheep who will do anything and say anything they are told. My response to this situation has so far been to continue attending church but to not put any significant amount of work into it. So, I show up, but that's about it. I no longer provide significant support for the organization of the church. I can't bring myself to spend more than a tiny amount of effort on an organization that feels its members are made for it, not it for its members.

I have reached the same point with people in general who feel they don't need to listen to me or consider anything I have to say. I usually respond to them now by simply not saying anything and letting them lie in the beds they make. That's why I quit my last position. My boss was being such a micromanager that he made it impossible for me to do my job. So, I left and let him clean up his own mess--to the extent that he ever would. I guess organizations act the way they do because they are composed of people who act the way they do. And, I'm tired of putting up with it.



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