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Ten Point Jump in Domain Rating


This isn't so much an admin horror story as a complaint about the general horror story that is the website domain rating system and the hoops website creators have to jump through to try to please the companies that rate their websites.

I can't figure out why the domain rating of my other blog jumped 10 points yesterday and then today jumped right back down to where it was before. I quadruple checked it to make sure I wasn't confused. It has been hovering around zero since I created it just short of a year ago. Over the last week, I've done the following with that blog:

None of that should have had a noticeable effect on the domain rating, let alone increased it by 10 points. The traffic to that blog has been slowly increasing for months, but no significant increase has occurred over the last couple of weeks. I just can't figure out how domain rating services decide how to rate websites, or why they rate websites that are no better than mine 50 points higher than mine. I know they give general guidelines for their ratings, but after looking at a the ratings of a couple of dozen sites, their ratings don't seem to correspond well with the guidelines. Ratings seem to be largely arbitrary. And, that's the horror story.

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